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This character is born in Perpignan, during a “Happening” …. sudden and unexpected performance … .. It is 5:25 pm on the Arago bridge. A sofa, a TV and a man in a bathrobe. The incongruity of the situation, we owed it to Norha.

Artist, Author, composer, he boldly remains faithful to his emotions by linking Rock to Electro on bittersweet lyrics spoken in the language of Molière ….

The concerts, where the sound mingles with the image are real living and visual shows, full of the unexpected.

A first album is born
"Vous, mes autres…" (self-produced, registered in Louisiana - USA ).

Norha records as a duo with
Gérard Jacquet (accomplice, among others, of Pascal Comelade ) the single" Today ", exploring with wisdom and finesse the delicate legacy of our elders. < br />
Following an order from a Major who asked him to write a commercial song, a callout song, editable radio, made for the masses… He writes " Mid Range " and revisits "Love on the beat", famous title by S. Gainsbourg… Then, save the EP 3537 (self-produced)… While still being asked to explain this strange choice ... the disk house no longer exists.
Also in 2010, during the Voix du Sud meetings in Astaffort, he won the trust and support of Francis Cabrel, of the Voix du Sud by presenting songs with a unique personality, tinged with playfulness and daring. Praised by the public and the enthusiasm of professionals, he is present and releases his musical energy in the first part of Renan Luce.

It is invited to Directory of Astaffort where he will work a cut set for the scene under the wing of Narcisse, Swiss artist and Slam enthusiast.
The "One Tour…" tour follows, an Electric, extravagant and innovative stage where sound, image and satire of the modern world intermingle ... Marathon Tour which will take him to the four corners of France. Among other things ...
- Theater Na Loba , co-set with Marie Sigal, Pennautier (11)
- Spotlight , Lille (59)
- The Merry-go-round, Registration Balcony Tv , Rennes (35)
- The provided, At the end of the world, Recording of "the Weather shifted" on France3 , Limoges (87)
- El Médiator , Perpignan (66)
- Festival "Bonnafous" Rock'Village, first part of Little Bob , Durban (11)
- Festival "Les nits d'Eus" , Eus (66)

Norha joins the Catalan collective Joan Pau Giné , rework some of its titles in Catalan in order to be closer to its roots. He had previously covered the songs of the famous Catalan singer Jordi Barres with whom he will share the stage before his disappearance. There followed many representations in Catalonia and appeared on the compilation Enderrock ' printed in several thousand copies. It is also on the Album Book of this same association which lists the talents of North and South Catalonia. Norha creates a virtual duet with the singer Joan Pau Giné.
Also the same year he completed the Tour "One Tour…" at La cigalière, Sérignan (11)

After several months of preparation he made a happening when closing festival de Cannes and "steal the show" at Alain Delon and Laetitia Casta going down the Croisette aboard a supermarket cadi equipped with sound and lights, pulled by two plump ladies.

He fades away… after a series of concerts including:
- Le chapeau Rouge , Carcasonne (11)
Festival des deux Cités , with Bumcello , Caracassonne (11)
- Le Bijou , Toulouse (31)
- Les Déferlantes , Argeles (66)
- Pop Rock Time Rtl 2 , El Médiator Perpignan (66)…

While Inroks pay attention to Norha during several posts, the latter prepares to save "Short panties", an ambitious track reported d'Astaffort . Indeed more than fifteen musicians will take turns in the studio to take this title to its end 6 months later and will follow it until 21 rock Street , organized by Wax Prod on one of the festival de Carcasonne.
This is the year of meeting Equanimous Minds , group New Yorker with whom tour and slice of life mixes.
He takes advantage of his return to earth to change his image and save "Who can" , under the watchful eye of Mathieu Lessieur , present on the previous single.
Woma makes its appearance, Amoureux collective who will realize the Teaser and the Clip of "Who can" in a few weeks.

Back to the scene, first Victoire 2 room in Montpellier for Not your Fan , during a concert broadcast live, then at the Pick in Perpignan in the company of Carmen Maria Véga , event supported by RTL2 and France Bleu which will entrust Norha with the task of releasing their new show, Aïolive, an hour-long interview punctuated by the titles played Live.
La Tête Dans Le Public , attentive, will closely follow this intense and rich year by offering a retrospective to its readers.

Marks the start of a new adventure, TRIP ;
That begins with an introspection followed by a long writing phase.
Then the birth of the said project, in the form of a series / report written and produced by Norha.
The pilot episode will be shot at London at the end of the year thanks to the help of the BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute).

The year of development.
The collaboration with Le Lilith's office will allow Norha to share her encounters and make Trip known to the general public through a series of TV, Radio and written press interviews.
Two episodes will also be boxed that year, "Das Berlin" and "Bydapest".

Norha makes Trip a registered trademark, a protected concept and at the same time creates her own production company, Sonar, which allows her to wear the producer cap.
It is also similar to the studio RecordIt , official partner of Trip, by signing several albums as musician, co-author and arranger.

To live ...



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