NORHA Artist, author, composer, he stays -boldly- true to his emotions, blending rock with electro onto bitter-sweet lyrics in the language of Molière. The concerts -where sound and image merge- really are vivid and visual shows full of unexpected twists.
Trip is an experience aiming at sharing the creation of an original piece of footage about the encounter between Norha, a French artist, and the inhabitants, actors of a foreign city
Aujourd'hui Vous, Mes Autres ... EP 3537 Qui Peut


The birth of a first album (an auto-production recorded in Louisiana - USA)



A duet with GERARD JACQUET (accomplice of -amongst others- Pascal Comelade) is being recorded as a single called “Aujourd’hui”, exploring the delicate legacy of the elders in a witty and refined way.



A record label requests him to compose a commercial, call-up piece, for radio-broadcasting. He composes “Moyenne Gamme” and revisits a famous title of Serge Gainsbourg...

Next, he auto-produces “EP 3537”... Until today he is being asked why he made this strange choice... the record company has vanished in the mean time.

Still the same year, during encounters with “VOIX SUD A ASTAFFORT”, he wins the confidence and support of FRANCIS CABREL and the team of Voix du Sud, by presenting songs with a unique personality, tainted with mischief and audacity.

Chosen by the audience and received with enthousiasm by professionals, he shows up and sets his MUSICAL ENERGY free as supporting act to RENAN LUCE.



He gets invited to the “Répertoire d’Astaffort” where he works at a set under the wings of NARCISSE, a Swiss slam enthousiast. The tour “One Tour” follows; an electric, extravagant and innovating show where sound and image entangle with satire on modern society. It turns out to be a marathon tour, taking him to the 4 corners of France.

To name a few sites:

- Théatre Na Loba, shared stage with Marie Sigal, in Pennautier

- Spotlight in Lille

- Le Manège, recording for “Balcony TV” in Rennes

- La Fourni, “Au bout du monde”, recording for “la Météo décalée” on France 3 in Limoges

- El Mediator in Perpignan

- Festival “Bonnafous” Rock Village, the first part of “Little Bob” in Durban

- Festival “Les Nuits d’Eus” in Eus



Norha joins the Catalan collective “JOAN PAU GINE” and re-edits some of his previous titles into the Catalan language as to get as close as possible to his roots. Before, he already interpreted songs of and shared the stage with a famous Catalan singer, the late JORDI BARRES. Numerous shows in Catalonia follow. He also appears on a compilation album ENDERROCK, of which several thousands of copies are sold. He is also cited in its album’s booklet, reviewing talents of North and South Catalonia. Norha also creates a virtual duet with singer Joan Pau Giné. Still the same year he rounds up the “One Tour" at the CIGARIERE in Serignan.



Following several months of preparation, he realises a stunt during the closing ceremony of LE FESTIVAL DE CANNES and steals the show of Alain Delon and Laetitia Casta, descending the jetty in a grocery cart, fully equiped with sound and light, pulled by two plump ladies.



Some highlights...


- Le Chapeau Rouge, Carcassonne

- Festival des deux Cités, with Bumcello in Carcassonne

- Le Bijou in Toulouse

- Les Déferlantes Argeles festival off

- Pop Rock Time of RTL 2



Whilst Inrocks pays attention to Norha in several of its editions, the latter prepares for the recording of "Culotte Courte", an ambitious piece yielded from Astaffort. In reality, more than 15 musicians relay for 6 months to round up the studio recording and follow it around on tour all the way up to 21 Rock Street, one of the scenes of the Festival of Carcassonne, organised by Wax Productions.

It's also the year where he encounters Equanimous Minds, a band from New York, with whom tour and stage of life intermingle.

At his return home, for a change of scenery, he records under the vigilant eye of Mathieu Lessieur -also present at the previous single- "Qui Peut".

Woma, of the Collective Amoureux, emerges and finishes up both teaser and clip of "Qui Peut" in just a few weeks time.

2016 Back on stage, first at the Victoire 2 Concert Hall in Montpellier for "Not Your Fan" during a live transmission, later at the Médiator in Perpignan together with Carmen Maria Véga for an event supported by RTL2 and France Bleu, confiding Norha with the first broadcast of their new show "Aïolive", a one-hour interview punctuated with Live performanes.Attentively, La Tête Dans Le Public closely follows this intense and rich year by proposing a retrospective to its readers. Finally, for several months Norha works at his newest project, TRIP, that will kick-off early 2017.